KENSKILL PARK MODEL TRAILER FOR SALE.  Kenskill was one of the best quality trailers of the 1950's and 60's.  This is a 1963 in very nice condition for the age.  Following is the ad that is running on several site on facebook.  

FOR SALE: Kenskill 1963 park model trailer. It is about 29 feet overall, the actual living space is about 25 feet.  

Stored in t
he same spot and not lived in or used since about 1990. I have owned it for about ten and have paid about $2000 to store it right where it was setting when I bought it.  

I was going to take it to one of my ranches in eastern Montana to use for a house when I was there but we decided to build a little

 cabin instead. It is in overall good condition but has some water damage in the bedroom roof area. Floors are solid, exterior is excellent and

 interior is good with the original appliances, light fixtures and etc. all in place except for an updated refrigerator and maybe a newer stove.

I think it also has has a

 bigger water heater installed and the toilet has been raised on a platform, probably to keep it from freezing in the winter. The glass is mostly all good

 but could use some work on the weather seals. It is very cute inside and has wonderful storage in the oak cabinets in the kitchen and several

 built in closets. The original pink sinks are in it. I bought this from the owners about 8 or 9 years ago and have never used it for anything, have

 been paying $250 a year to store it in a storage yard and want it gone so the price, I think, is more than fair. It is up on rubber and ready to

 move but if you are going to haul it very far I think you would want to put tires on it since these are probably 40 or 50 years old. The previous

 owners lived in it here in Helena for a month or two a year for several years as they came here to fish and watch over a campground that some

 relative of theirs owned. They put it in storage 25 years ago and it has not been used or lived in since. I am asking $3500 for it, I have the title

 and registration which I will update when it sells to get you a current title so there is no problem with transferring the title in the state you take

 it to. This is NOT a camper, it is a park model, there are no holding tanks. Give me a call at 406-949-3448 cell. Payment is by green Ben

 Franklins before or at time of pickup.

I thought I had a few more photos of the interior but can't find them on my computer tonight.  If you want anything specific let me know and I

 will try to send them to you or post them here.  A friend of mine got kicked out of his house and needed a place to live, we planned to move

 this to some land I own here and hook it up for him to live in.  Before we got that done they kissed and made up and he moved back home.

  But while he was going to live in this we hooked up a generator and turned on all the lights and tried the furnace motor.  Everything worked.

It's a cute house.  It is very well built and these older trailer homes had every inch used for storage.  I think my favorite thing in this one is the

 towel rack that pulls out from the kitchen cabinets.  With a day of cleaning and someplace to park it you could move in and fix the damage to

 the ceiling when you got the time.  It has a couch in the living room but no other furniture.  Wouldn't take much.  I've lived in worse houses

 than this for sure.  

Thanks,  Stan Howe 

Stan Howe 406-949-3448  cell 

All of the TT trucks that were on this site have been sold.  Most of it went to Gary Ludwig in Forest City, Iowa.  You can call Gary at 641-590-1802

I have a lot of other T parts, including 

1.  Several EXCELLENT rear rims for TT's including the snap rings.  $200 each with the ring.  20 inch, 30 x 5 only, I don't have any of the 23 inch rims.  

2.  26/7 gas tank.  As good as you will ever find.  $250

3.  Several pre 1925 engines, oldest is 1917

4.  Pre 1925 blocks 

5.  26/7 complete engines 

6.  Several 26/7 blocks

7.  A Rural Mail Carrier delivery body.  Wood framed with tin covering.  Mostly complete and a nice project for someone.  It will be a very small body when all put together.  $850.

8.  Call and ask about what you might need.  406-949-3448  


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