If you have been looking for a nice older swather that is field ready -- that you can try out before you buy it -- this is it. Nice older New Holland 1100, Perkins Diesel that recently had the injectors serviced in Spokane, good 12 foot header with twin sickles as well as an extra set of sickles, new skid shoes, new bearings in the header drive idler, etc. It is in the field working, I just cut about 50 acres of good alfalfa with it, no problems, the A/C will run you out in about ten minutes, near new battery, glass is all good in the cab, seat is good, etc. Only thing doesn't work that I can see is the hour meter. 

Starts instantly, runs quiet and smooth, no excessive noise from the gear boxes, steering is tight, seat is good, floor mat is like new, door closes well -- this is an old swather, probably mid to late 80's but it has only had two owners before me and they obviously took good care of it. 

Like all these old New Hollands it likes going up hills better than going down, tends to speed up going down a slope (the newer hydrostats hold a steadier speed than these old ones do) you have to shift it down a notch or two going down a hill. 

This is a good small acreage swather, especially if you have lighter fields to cut. This is the straight reel version as opposed to the no-auger basket type headers which work very well with heavier crops, this is good for lighter crops, especially grass, as you can slow the reel and cutter bar speed down and still cut and make a nice windrow. 12 foot headers are harder and harder to find, most newer swathers that were designed to cut for round bales have 14 or 16 foot headers and will cut too much hay for most small square balers to handle. The windrows are too big and take too long to dry and tend to stuff too much hay in for small square bales. If you are making 14 x 18 bales, this is a good match to your baler. 

I'm done haying, I just cut about 50 acres with this, not a problem. 

I'm not going to do any hay for anyone else after this year and no longer need a swather. I have an old one that will do fine for my few acres. I had nice hay this year but usually I could put it up with a pitchfork and a wheelbarrow. 

It is located at Lazy HM between Helena and Townsend. Give me a call and come take a look, I am done cutting but we can find something to chop down so you can see it work. 

Buy a good one and go to work with it or buy junk and go to work on it. 



Now on location between Helena and Townsend: SOLD 
SOLD! New Holland 1495 self propelled with 12 foot header, cab with air conditioning, decent tires, etc. Came right out of the field last season, serviced and stored inside over the winter.  6 cylinder Ford Industrial gas engine.  This is a nice one for its age!  Even the paint is nice and shiny!  Priced at $6750


SOLD! WENT NORTH -- IT WAS A GREAT LITTLE SWATHER!  John Deere 830. This is pretty old but has been stored in a quonset for years. It was got out a couple years ago and used on a few acres of hay, I bought it and it is by far the nicest one of these I've had. Chrysler slant 6 power, indestructible, cheap parts if you need them and every parts store has parts. Belt drive which was great for these smaller lower power swathers. Change a belt pretty easy on them. 12 foot header, auger type for hay - nice and straight - header rise is quick and even, umbrella for the sun, etc. Millions of acres were cut with these, John Deere still supports parts, hard to find this nice at this price. $4500 and worth every dime. HERE IS AN UPDATE: Got this home, fired it up and cut a few windrows with it. Runs great, has a couple issues that will need to be addressed: 1st is the sickle sections need to be replaced. 2nd is that the conditioner rolls need to be adjusted and possibly a new chain to keep them running in time. Other than that, all the steering and reel/sickle/turning/go/stop works fine. It's old and will need a little tlc but overall it's a very nice little swather. I reduced the price to $3750 to reflect that it needs sickle sections and a little conditioner adjustment. 

SOLD went all the way to Rosebud -- IHC 4000 This is on the lot at Hovens in Great Falls.  I took it there to get some work done on it, new muffler and a couple other little things, ended up consigning it to them.  I need to sell it, give me a call or call Ken Posen at Hovens. They have it on the lot for $7995.  Worth every dime of that.  




This one is for sale too.
 I also have a nice little 
swather mover for sale, one of those that you drive on from the side and carry the drive wheels while the trail wheels run on the road!   

 $1500 Has a spare tire, too.  
Call me!  Stan 949-3448

New Holland   
469 pull type mower conditioner -- Haybine SOLD going to Billings
6 8 18 -------------

SOLD! HAVE A 479 COMING IN THAT IS FIELD READY AND WILL HAVE NEW CORRECT 11 - 14 IMPLEMENT TIRES ON IT.  It is coming off a little place where the old guy had 5 1/2 acres of hay for a hobby.  Same place as the New Holland 276 baler.  Needs hydraulics and about 45 hp to work.  $4500  

CASE 1185 -- READY TO GO TO WORK!  New tires - good battery -- new drive belt - rebuilt carburetor for sale! 
Here is a cute little swather that needs very little to go to the field and go to work.  Probably best for cutting grass hay, it doesn't have a conditioner.  It is old as the hills but appears to have had not a lot of use.  I bought it off Craigslist a year or two ago and finally got a chance last fall to go bring it home.  We put a battery in it and it started right up, was backing it up and got something wrong and we burned up a drive belt.  Brought it home and unloaded it and there it sets!!  A belt wouldn't cost much and with a couple hours time you can put a belt in it and go to the field.   I bought a set of 4 virtually new tires for it, they are 7:50 - 18's and hard to find.  Found a set on Craigslist.   These are pictures I took before we got it home, I'll take a few more and post them.

The guy I bought it from said his dad bought it new in the 1960's and they used it to cut a few acres up until about 4 years ago so it has always been in use.  They had some of the belts replaced not too many years ago, they all look OK except for the one we burned up somehow.  It was when we first started it and we must have had something engaged.  It is the drive belt for the right hand wheel.  Everything else works -- sickle drive, headed drive, etc.  We put a new drive belt.  Mechanic from Great Falls came down and put the drive belt in, the new tires on, etc.  

Should be a lot of use in it yet for not a  lot of money and you will have the ONLY one of these if you take it to a farm show or antique equipment day!  It is just the coolest little swather and probably one of the few Case swathers of this vintage still operable.  

I want $2000  for it -- use it or take it to the tractor shows!  Probably the nicest one anywhere in the country!.  Sell it to a Case Collector.  



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