OCTOBER 30, 2016


FORD TRACTOR INFORMATION ---  Ford started building tractors in 1915 with the Fordson.  It was built in various forms up until 1928.  For the next ten years Ford did not produce a tractor.  In 1938 Harry Ferguson, an Irishman who had invented the 3 point lift system, showed it to Henry Ford.  The agreed to begin producing tractors with the Ford name with "Ferguson System" added to the advertising and grill of the tractor.  In 1939 they introduced the 9N with a small 4 cylinder flathead engine of about 20 horsepower, a 3 speed transmission, the Ferguson 3 point implement lift system and electric starting, which was still an option on many other brands.  The first few hundred had the starter button on the dash then it moved to a spot near the transmission shift lever with a safety interlock.  The 9N was produced through 1947 in various forms, the 2N being a war time version.  9N's are distinguished by foot pegs instead of foot boards, the distributor on the front of the engine and the carburetor on the right or passenger side.  

In 1948 significant changes were made to the 9N and it was reintroduced as the 8N.  It was basically the same tractor except now it had a 4 speed transmission and options for front tires and wheels to use a wider 16 inch tire as opposed to the 4 x 19 tires used earlier.  The distributor remained on the front of the engine.

In 1950 there were additional changes to the 8N.  The front distributor was moved to the upper right side of the engine with a more standard design, the generator was now on the left side and the dash now had a tachometer and hour meter built in.  The transmission remained a 4 speed.  

A very popular option for these tractors was a 2 speed auxiliary transmission, most were Sherman but there were also Ross, Rupp and some others.  They add a lower gear and can be identified by an additional lever on the side of the clutch housing.  

All of these tractors had standard 3 point and power take off (PTO).  The PTO had to be engaged for the 3 point lift to work.  

All of the 9N and 8N tractors are about 20-22 horsepower.  

In 1950, Harry Ferguson sued Ford for breach of contract and won a partial victory.  The court ruling was that Ford had to significantly change the 3 point system.  

In 1953 Ford introduced the NAA, more commonly known as the Jubilee, for its 50th Anniversary.  The changes made to the tractor were:  1.  A larger overhead valve engine now rated at 32 horsepower produced from 134 cubic inches.  2.  A full time operating 3 point, now run from a pump on the engine.  3.  A slightly larger platform for more operator comfort. 

This tractor continued in 1954 as the NCA, but was the same as the NAA and is also often described as a Jubilee, although it is technically not a Jubilee. 

In 1955 the NCA was renamed the 600.  It was the same tractor as the NAA except for a very few minor changes.  Model designations are usually, 600, 601, 641, etc.  They are all basically the same tractor with minor option changes.  

In 1955 Ford also introduced a larger version of their tractors known as the 800 series.  This tractor produced 52 horsepower from a 172 cubic inch engine, had a 4 or 5 speed transmission and live power available to the PTO, meaning the PTO will still operate when the clutch is disengaged to allow the tractor to stop moving.  All Fords prior to this had to have the clutch out for the PTO to operate.  This was a major advance and is still a very desirable feature.  There were also 700 and 900 series tractors with row crop front ends but they are very seldom seen in the west. 

The model number give the features of the 800 series.  An 800 series with a model number 801 is the basic tractor with PTO.  An 860 is the 800 series with 5 speeds forward and 1 reverse speed; the 861 adds the live PTO.  The 861 is hands down the best of all the USA built small Ford tractors.  Ruggedly built, 5 speeds, live PTO, heavy duty 3 point, optional drawbar in addition to the 3 point, factory power steering on most 861's and an optional hydraulic system for use with implements.  

At one time Ford offered over 200 implements and attachments for the Ford tractors sold under its Ford, Ford Ferguson, Dearborn or Woods Brothers lines.  

In 1950 Harry Ferguson started building a tractor called the Ferguson TO-20  They were good little tractors with some additional features the Ford did not have.  Later they introduced the TO-30 and TO-35.  They were all good tractors but Ferguson was never able to establish a good dealer network and lacked money to redesign the tractor line to keep up with the competition, which was brutal from Ford, International, Case, Oliver, John Deere, Massey Harris and others.  In 1954 he threw in the towel, leased his design to Massey Harris with the stipulation that his name be added to the tractor line.  For a short time they were known as Massey Harris Ferguson, then the Harris was dropped and they became Massey Ferguson, the name that continues today.  

An 8N is a better tractor than a 9N but not a lot.  The 1948 to 1950 8N's are a little easier to work on because of the distributor location.  A Jubilee is twice the tractor an 8N is.  A 600 is the same as the Jubilee.  An 800 series is about 5 times the tractor an 8N is and twice the tractor a 600 is.  There are always lots of 8N's for sale, they were a very popular tractor and in their time, had no real competition although International and John Deere tried.  By the time the 600/800 series came along the competition had caught up to Ford and had good tractors of their own.  The 600 and 800 series tractors sold well, but not in the numbers the 8N had.  The 861 was an expensive tractor, IHC had better hydraulics and integrated power steering run from those hydraulics and a full series of sizes.  Ford had no tractor to move up to other than the Fordson Major, which was not as popular as the smaller American built Fords. Consequently, by the early 1960's Ford again redesigned their tractor line, built some larger tractors and imported some from England but was never again the powerhouse of the tractor industry it had been in the 1950's.  One of the problems Ford had was that their earlier tractors, especially the 800 series was so good that farmers did not feel the need to upgrade and did not trust the English made tractors.  When they did upgrade they went to an American company and bought a new tractor from  Massey Ferguson, who now had the 3 point on their bigger tractors.  IHC had developed their 2 point system, John Deere had both their 2 point and a similar 3 point system, Ford could not compete.  Allis Chalmers, Oliver, Case and a few others pretty much threw in the towel on small tractors in the 70's and went out of business a few years down the road.  Today, those tractors have small value compared to Ford and IHC, many dealers, including this one, do not deal much in other brands than Ford, IHC and Massey Ferguson, which remain the most popular and reliable of all the small tractors still available.  

Every part is still available for all the American built Ford tractors.  International and Ferguson built good tractors, most parts are available for them.  Ferguson tractors use Continental engines so parts are available although there is not as much support for other brands than Ford. There are still millions of Ford tractors in daily service, dozens of companies that supply parts and shops that work on nothing but Ford 9N to 800 series tractors.  Implements are readily available and there are half a dozen clubs supporting collectors as well as users.   

Buy a good one and go to work with it or buy junk and go to work on it.


TRACTORS FOR SALE...  Good older tractors are getting harder and harder to find.  Here are several that will go home and go to work + a couple that will need a little work on them to be ready.   



SOLD!!  Allis Chalmers WD45
with Loader

Nice older AC WD45 with much recent work. Head redone, electrical done, recent tires all around, new paint, loader works, ready to go home with you and go to work. 

These are great tractors from the heyday of Allis Chalmers in the mid 50's to early 60's. Excellent quality, dependable and with some features other tractors didn't have. My favorite WD features is the hand clutch that leaves the PTO engaged but stops the forward motion of the tractor. It makes them one of the best of all tractors for small square balers. Mated with a New Holland 275, 276, etc. or a John Deere 214T or similar you can put up a lot of hay in a day with the combination. 

They are a true 30 HP tractor so they will run a small baler just fine. 

The loader rise is great, probably at least 12 feet. This one, like all of the old ones, is slower than the new ones but it has good lift to it and with the rear wheels weights should be pretty stable. 

New battery, ready to go home and go to work. 

Nice little Ferguson TO-30
 $2250  SOLD -- went to Butte!

   SOLD! Very nice little FERGUSON 35.  These are fine little tractors and this one has near new tires, newer paint and some other recent work done on it.  Starts and runs fine, paint is pretty nice even up close.  Good looking, nice running little tractor. It is getting the carburetor cleaned and it will be ready to go.  It is parade ready.  Probably going to take it to  a couple tractor shows and a plow day if it doesn't sell in the next couple weeks.   More pics coming soon.  $3000


Nice little tractor, starts fine, runs good, near new back tires, good front tires, near new battery, etc. This is the craigslist ad.  
Nice little Allis B with a side mount 5 1/2 sickle bar mower. Just what you need for cleaning up around the place this spring. I bought it about a year ago, cleaned the carb and replaced the fuel lines, greased it all up and checked it out and cut my road ditches and along and over my irrigation ditches, it worked great. The mower is a very simple design, not much to get out of order, it has almost new sickle sections and should go right to work with no problems. I also realized I did not take a photo of the sickle bar. I'll add that if it doesn't sell tonight or tomorrow. 

I'm tractor poor, have too many tractors and not much to do with them, I have one with a sickle bar mower that is easier for an old fat guy to get on and off of so this one is going to somebody else. 

The back tires are nearly new, front ones are good for as long as you'll ever use it, it's been painted at some time, it has a 12 volt battery, radiator doesn't leak, doesn't smoke, no knocks, etc. Nice little tractor. I think they are about 25 horse. It has a draw bar that is still usable with the mower on, just fold the mower up and hook on to a little arena drag, a wagon, trailer or manure spreader, etc., and off you go. When you're ready to mow again just drop the sickle bar down and engage the PTO and off you go. There are several advantages to a side mount mower, the first is that you can see it without having to crank your neck around, the other is that is you ever do fall off the tractor you are going to fall behind the mower and not get chopped up, the other is being able to use it for other work while you have the mower mounted on the tractor. The rear mount mowers have to be removed to use the tractor for anything else. 

Parts are readily available, Steiner tractor has about anything you could ever need. Plugs and points and all that are available at carquest or the other parts houses. 

Plus ........... it's cute!! Your wife and daughter will love it, your boys won't be able to wait to learn to drive a tractor. Teach your kids to drive a tractor. Get them off their phone and get some work out of them. My dad was sure when I was about ten and my sister 12 that we were old enough to drive tractors and work. Didn't hurt us a bit!! We loved it. 

Phone calls work best. You know the area code, then it's nine four nine three four four eight. You can text if you want but I prefer calls. 

I will deliver it anywhere around Helena for free. It is parked between Helena and Townsend at my place now. 


I have another
Allis B very similar to the one above coming out of Idaho the week of June 18th.  It is a little older, crank start but is in excellent condition.  Same deal with the mower, side mount.  Should be good to go.  

THIS IS ON SITE AS OF JUNE 24TH.  Decent old tractor, hydraulic lift on the sickle bar, longer mower bar than the other one.  Getting new front tires and it will be good to go.  This is a crank start only tractor.  It starts on the second pull if you can crank at all.  I can not longer crank it.  Smoking deal!!  $2000 load it up and take it home.  



FORD 4000.  
Never had a loader on it so the front end is good.  This is a NICE tractor.  

SOLD!!  HEADED FOR HAVRE TO GO TO WORK!  FORD 801 --  406-949-3448



NICE OLD INTERNATIONAL, near new rear tires, starts and runs fine, everything works, it has all the desirable features except power steering.  The two point works fine, that is the only system ever built that has down pressure, it will actually go out and do some work.  

Needs a few little things, needs the clutch linkage adjusted up a little, needs a new seat cushion, lights fixed, etc.  All in all, one of the best small tractors ever built, this is the series of International that took some other manufacturers pretty much out of the tractor business.  

Loader, blade and tool bar.  I also have a 6 foot shovel plow/toolbar for it. 

Scroll down for more pics.........................


SOLD ------------ 

These were about the best tractors IHC ever made.  All American made, they were a thriving company and had the resources to design and build the best.  

If you don't think down pressure on that blade is nice, take a look at the picture of the back wheel off the ground.  That is down pressure on the blade lifting the back of the tractor.  This thing will dig.  
APRIL 2, 2016

I left the pics from last winter up, we never could get a chance to get it unloaded before we got snowed in so it sat on the trailer all winter. It all melted off and ran down to the Missouri so now it is green grass and getting pretty, scroll down to see the pictures from April 1st.  

MASSEY FERGUSON 35:  Nice little tractor, it is just the way I bought it, guy said it runs hot, may need a thermostat, may need a head gasket.  I'll know more when I get a chance to run it and take a better look at it.  Come look and listen and let's make a deal.

We pulled the head off, took it in to the machine shop and had it planed, got a new head gasket for it, couple other little things, it should be back together in a few days and be good to go.  $3500 -- it is a very nice little tractor and has brand new back tires on it.  


CASE S -- GOOD RUNNER, NICE COLLECTOR -- BAD PAINT BUT SOLID AND READY FOR BETTER PAINT AND A TRACTOR SHOW.  I actually have two of these.  The other one is a little more original but has a bad rim.  Call me.  

INTERNATIONAL 454, Very nice tractor,  50 HP, three point, power steering, 8 speed, soft engage PTO, all the great things IHC had going for them in the 70's.  Back tires are excellent, I put new front tires on it before I took it to the ranch.  Used it to run my New Holland 469 haybine, worked flawlessly.  It is going to Great Falls to Denny to get a little work done on it, a tuneup, lifters adjusted, etc.  These are hard to find and should be worth whatever you pay for it years down the road.  I'll put a new seat on it before it goes home with you. 

The engine noise bothers me in this tractor.  It was pretty noisy when I bought it, I thought it was just lifters so a couple weeks ago I pulled the valve cover and set the lifters.  Also did some other work, new fuel pump, put the carb together correctly after I cleaned it, etc.  It is still too noisy and it smokes.  It is going to need the head and pan pulled and the pistons/rings looked at.  The oil pressure is good, everything works fine, it is a nice tractor and has great power, idles and runs nice but it is noisy and it smoke more than I am comfortable.  I paid $3500 for it at Valier, hauled it home, etc.  I'll take what I paid for it, you can check the engine out and may want to just run it as it is or do some engine work.  It's pretty easily a $6000 tractor with a rebuilt engine in it.  

When I bought it the guy told me that some engine work had been done on it about 200 hours ago and the rings never seated.  Your guess is as good as mine.  I know some of the valves had almost 1/4 of an inch clearance when we adjusted the rockers.  I don't have time to work on it, if it doesn't sell it's going to the shop for a rebuild.  


INTERNATIONAL 300 Utility.  Nice little tractor, has a recent engine overhaul, it was one owner prior to me.  About a 45 HP tractor, it will run small balers, pull two plows etc.  Has FACTORY power steering, 3 hydraulic outlets and controls.  5 speed transmission and Torque Amplifier, the handiest thing ever invented for farm tractors + soft engage PTO for mowing and baling.  It has the IHC two point with a three point conversion attachment so you can use either two point or three point equipment.  I have several two point attachments that go with it including a sickle bar mower that needs some work and a platform, etc.  It has $1000 worth of brand new back tires from Lisacs in Butte and a brand new battery from Batteries Plus in Helena.  Starts and runs great, needs the cylinder replaced on the two point as it leaks down in use.  $3500  Has an International 350 parts tractor that goes with it.  Pretty much the same, all the two point interchanges, etc.  SOLD - WENT TO A NEW HOME IN BIGTIMBER

FORD 861 IS SOLD and gone to a new home at Geraldine!

FORD 861 -- the best of all the small Ford tractors before the "thousand series" in the 1960's and better than most of those.  The 861 is my favorite Ford tractor. Lots of power, the 5 speed is wonderful, live PTO means you can stop the tractor and keep the PTO turning to clear a slug in a baler, etc.  Big enough a grown man can get on and off it pretty easily and the 3 point works all the time instead of only when the  pto  is engaged.  

I cleaned it up before I took it out to the country, probably the first time it had ever been washed since it was new.  


PRICE REDUCED TO $2450 WITH THE CHAINS AND THE BLADE!!!!!  SOLD and gone to a happy home hauling logs and grading some roads.  

OLD UGLY CHEAP GOOD FORD TRACTOR...FORD 861, The hood is rusty and there is some rust other places but its a good old tractor.  Recent carb rebuild, starts and runs great, good battery, decent tires with weight in them and on the hubs, brakes work, etc., its a way better tractor than it looks like.  

Just look at what you get for $3000 compared to a $3000 9N with a $50 paint job.  A Blade!  Chains!!  Twice the power!! 5 Speed transmission.  FULL TIME 3 point - the PTO does not have to be engaged for the 3 point to work!!  Removable rear wheels weights.  This one also has the optional "Comfort Ride" seat.  

This has been converted to 12 volt and has an alternator.  Fresh oil change.  Recent new radiator.  Recent carb clean.  

For all the poking fun I have been doing about the paint, this is a great old tractor for the money.  Don't miss it if you need a good, usable tractor.  

This is the ad I wrote for Craigslist.  

Cheap, Homely Good Old Tractor FORD 861 - $3000 (Helena)

So you've been looking for a tractor. Something very nice, runs great, new tires, new battery, excellent paint, great financing not much over 0%, guaranteed forever and delivered at no charge. Ain't gonna happen. 

This one is mostly none of that but is part of that in that it runs great. The paint is bad, the fenders have been dented up, the tires are about half shot, there is absolutely no financing and I won't deliver it. Other than that, it's everything you've been looking for. The battery fires it right up but that's probably because it starts so quick, the tires will last you for all the farming you are ever going to do - if you are looking for tractors like this you don't have much farming to do - and the 3 point works just fine so you can hook up all sorts of stuff to it and go do about anything you want. Dig in the dirt, grade the road, run a mower conditioner or a baler or a side delivery rake or whatever. 

Now this tractor is like the chubby girl with buck teeth your mother said had a great personality. The first date you were a little nervous about what your friends were going to say but she did have a great personality, she was a good dancer and brought along a big bag of chocolate chip cookies in case you got hungry on the way to the dance. And on the way home she proved that she wasn't as picky about smacking up on you as some of those other girls and the buck teeth didn't get in the way at all! After awhile you just forgot about her not being the best looking thing in the world and decided it was a lot easier to take the fat off a chubby girl than the nasty off a bitch and that braces were a lot cheaper than a divorce every few years. That was 35 years, 4 kids and 11 grandchildren ago and it all worked out for the best. She's still a lot of fun to be around and is a hard worker and just almost never asks for anything and doesn't complain about how fat you've got or that you tell the same jokes over and over. She's aged a lot better than some of those hot looking ones have and like a lot of chubby girls likes to eat so she likes to cook and you wouldn't trade her for anything now. Nobody from lifestyles of the rich and famous has ever stopped by to see if they could film an episode at your place anyway and so it all worked out for the best. 

That's a lot like this tractor is. It runs good, it is the larger version of the good American built Fords from the 50's, has a 172 cubic inch engine, 5 speed, live PTO, steering is pretty tight, oil pressure is 20 at idle and 40 at PTO speed after it warms up, more before. It also has an almost new radiator, a fresh oil change and filter and a recent carburetor rebuild. You'll get used to how bad the paint is; be honest, nobody from Luxury Farmer Magazine is ever going to stop by and do an article on your place anyway. (At least if your place is anything like mine.) An ugly one that works good is a lot better than a pretty one setting there broke down. 

It has some extra weight in the back tires, they are about half full of liquid, it has a wheel weight on each side and as you can see in the pictures, it has a set of heavy duty chains on it with a wide blade on the back. This thing should plow all sorts of snow if that's what you want to do with it. 

It growls in reverse. Virtually ever one of these 861's does. Trans is quiet in forward gears. It has been converted to 12 volt. I dunno if the alternator works or not. I'm thinking not but there is no ammeter so I don't know. Seems like it keeps the battery charged. Cheap fix if it doesn't work. Starter looks pretty new and spins it right over. Starts fine. Battery is pretty iffy. I especially like the pink parachute cord battery retainer. Adds a custom touch, I think. Tell you what I'll do. For 32 Ben Franklins I'll put a brand new Batteries Plus battery in it. Fire it up like a new pair of pink skivvies does for the wife. Just make it ready for anything. 

Price: Tractor, no chains, no blade. $3000 Chains $100. Blade, which has a little bend in it, $200. Buy it all, bring those Green Ben Franklins with you, give me 32 of them and you can load it up and take it home. 

From a serious standpoint, I just bought this because it had a drawbar support that I needed for my 861 that I am using. Since this one doesn't have the drawbar (which was an option when new) just the 3 point, I'm taking off the support from this one and selling this tractor. I drove it around for a couple hours today, it is a nice old tractor that came from Minnesota or Wisconsin so it has some rust. If it looked better it would be another thousand bucks. If it bothers, you, take the hood off and have it sandblasted, buy a couple cans of gray Krylon and go to work. If you just need a good old tractor and don't care what it looks like --- this is the ones you've been looking for. 

I have a little place between Helena and Townsend, you can come try it out, we can hook it up to something if you want and you can rake hay or whatever. This is probably at least the 50th Ford tractor I've bought and sold in the last 50 years, nobody is unhappy yet. 

My mantra: Buy a good one and go to work or buy a bad one and go work on it. 

This is a 52 HP, 172 cubic inch engine, 5 speed, live PTO, full time 3 point --- about twice the tractor a 600 or NAA/Jubilee is and about ten times the tractor a 9N or 8N is. 

SOLD Ford 2000 Industrial 

NICE LITTLE FORD 8N, about a 1948, SOLD!  



FORD 600  This is the same tractor as an NAA or "Jubilee" just a later version of it.  The only real difference is that the 600 has a little larger tires on it. This one starts and runs fine, the steering is good, no splayed out front wheels with bent spindles like so many of them have.  Full time 3 point, PTO, 32 HP overhead valve 134 cubic inch engine.  The tin is a little dinged and the paint is a little worn out on this one but the back tires are almost new and the front tires are good.   These are about 3 times the tractor a 9N or 8N is and they have the full time 3 point that does not require the PTO to be engaged for it to work.  This has a new generator and new battery.  It will have new gauges by the time we sell it.  These are a nice little tractor for mowing and raking and every part is still available for them from 100's of aftermarket suppliers and Ford.  This one is priced for quick sale at $2500, take it home and put it to work.  You can find a lot of these for cheap, front end all splayed out, knock in the engine, tires and rims all shot.  Pay a little more and get a good one.  This one is going to need some work on the 3 point so I reduced the price by over $1000.  I just don't have time to fix it.  Make yourself some money by fixing it yourself or for the price you can afford to have it rebuilt by a shop.  




If you are looking for a project, I have a nice little Ford NAA "Jubilee" that has excellent tin (just not on it), great tires, a very nice Wagner loader on it, the 3 point works, brand new radiator, some other recent work has a knock in the engine.  I don't think it is a rod, I don't know what it is.  Oil pressure is decent, starts and runs - I still use it when I need a loader - but it is going to need some engine work.  $2500 and it's yours.  Spend 7-800 on the engine putting a kit in it and it will be a good one.  It looks just like the one above but has a loader.  I may have an engine lined up to put in it, I'd make a
package deal on it.



FORD 801
-- NICE LITTLE TRACTOR, EVERYTHING WORKS, FACTORY POWER STEERING..  Nice little Ford tractor, this is the first of the 174 cubic inch engine, more power than the 600 and it has all the desirable features -- 3 Point, live PTO, adjustable width wheels front and back, etc.  It starts right up, new battery, generator works, doesn't smoke, tin is straight, etc.  It's a nice little tractor although the paint job leaves something to be desired.    Hard to find with working power steering, this is real genuine FACTORY power steering and it works great.  This will get new front tires on it before it goes down the road with you, it has old pickup tires on it now.  The back tires are excellent, new front tires and it will last forever.  $4750.  

ALLIS CHALMERS WD45 -- Decent old tractor, starts and runs fine, was used on a baler and bale wagon the last few years.  Has one new $500 back tire, almost new NAPA battery, needs a starter switch and a little tinkering but a lot of tractor for not a lot of money.  $2500  SOLD


ALLIS CHALMERS WD45--wide front end, hard to find this nice. $3900!!   6-5 2103  SOLD

(note that this is not the one above that is still for sale.  This one went to a small Helena ranch where it has been working for a happy owner for a couple years now)


    Three point quit working, probably an easy fix but I whacked the price down to $1200 because of that.  949-3448 


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