The only 1912 Maxwell Model 30 Touring car known to exist. This car was produced by Flanders after Maxwell went into receivership in 1912 & was purchased by Flanders.They planned to update the engine to a smaller L head engine. Incomplete in time to produce the car, they then updated the Maxwell 25 engine with a longer stroke and installed it in this chassis. About 200 were produced, this is the only Touring car that is known, a Roadster survives in Wisconsin.  At one time there was a complete body in Massachusetts.  A man from North Carolina owned it for many years and could not find a chassis, I contacted him about two months after he sold it at Hershey about 15 years ago.  This is a unique car and would make an interesting restoration.  I had always intended to get started on it but time and changing interests dictate that it needs to find a new owner.  

The engine is T head with two camshafts, timing gears at the back of the engine and the flywheel in front.  Cylinders are cast in pairs and are bolted down to the top of the cast aluminum crankcase. Clutch and transmission are part of the same casting, the clutch running in oil with the engine and trans.  Transmission is three speed progressive.  Drive is by shaft and gear, enclosed differential. I have had the engine trail assembled, it appears to be complete with all water connections, manifolds, etc.  
Brakes are on the rear wheels.  I believe it was originally equipped with an acetylene starter, the Prestolite tank is there as are the headlight.  

I purchased this about 20 years ago from the 90 year old man who had purchased it in North Dakota in the late 1950's.  He disassembled the engine and never did any more work on it after about 1963.  It is complete except for a few small parts.The body is more solid than it looks in the pictures, very little rustout.  Since this engine is based on the Model 25 and the only real difference is the additional 5/8 ths inch of stroke, parts are pretty readily available.  The only things missing from the engine are the bolts and oil lines, which would be no big deal to find or fabricate.  I have the correct magneto and carburetor for it.  It is exactly as it was picked up from a North Dakota farm in the 1950's.  This is the last right hand drive Maxwell and the last with the progressive gear transmission, clutch and brake on the same pedal, etc.  It has 25 inch Standard Universal wheels which are complete except for a couple wheel rings and a lock ring.  I would prefer that you come look at the car, the parts, the engine, etc. but I am posting some pictures here and will try to take specific pictures if you want to see something.

Coming from dry and windy North Dakota in 1958 and stored in an airplane hanger for many years, most of the sheet metal is in good condition.  The wood is bad.  The frame, undercarriage, radiator, etc. are very good.  A radiator would be impossible to find, this one is very good and should be usable with very little work. 

 I do not have a title but will give you a notarized Bill of Sale.  I am asking $12,500.  The car is located in Helena, Montana.  Stan Howe 406-949-3448 

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