BALERS FOR SALE -- Updated May 1, 2020


Here is a little free advice on small square balers. Every company used to make small square balers and they were all pretty good. New Holland and John Deere were probably best, the Ford balers got better as time went on, Case & Massey Ferguson, Oliver and Allis Chalmers pretty much all made the same baler with different paint. International made their own design with a different type of knotter. They all worked and did the job when they were new. Today, the only brands that still have parts support are New Holland & John Deere. Massey, Case, IHC, Oliver and the other lesser brands are all out of business. Ford quit making balers under their own name years ago, I'm not sure what their parts situation is but I think parts would be pretty tough. There is no parts support for the other brands and they are getting so old they are all worn out in the same places. If you are going to buy a small baler for small acreages either buy a New Holland or John Deere. The best of the small acreage balers are the 273, 275, 276, 277 series and the newer 310, 315 New Holland and the 124, 224 John Deere. The John Deere 330-340 series are great balers but usually bring more money due to being newer. Any of them will run with a 45 hp or slightly larger tractor and will put up all the hay most small operators have. Buy a 14 x 18 baler and it will almost always have less use and wear than the 16 x 18's. A 16 x 18 was bought to put up a lot of hay and most of them did. They also take a bigger tractor to run and need to make heavier bales to really work right. I do like the New Holland 282-283 16 x 18 balers, they are the last of the real New Holland balers before Sperry lightened them up. They will put up a lot of hay, as much as 15 ton an hour. In my opinion -- and I've probably bought and sold a hundred balers in the last 40 years -- Massey, Oliver, Case & older IHC are not worth buying because you can't get parts for them. The later IHC 440-445-450's are good but parts for anything other than the knotters can be iffy. 

Buy a good one and go to work, not a junk one to go work on -- 
and then have to go looking for parts when you have hay down in the field!!

One last thought is don't buy one with hydraulic tension unless you are sure it works. They tend to be a problem on old balers and for what most of you are doing, you don't need it. You can crank those screws up and down if you need to change your bale tension.

May 1, 2020

Baler inventory is a little short this year, I only have two as of  May but up both are good.  

New Holland 277 engine powered.  Bought this from an old friend who has had it for probably 20 years and put up 500-600 bales a year with it.  

These are good balers and engine driven are harder and harder to find.  This one has the Wisconsin V-4, electric start, lots of power, this thing will go down a field and make some bales.  Pull it with anything that has forward go!!! No PTO needed, no minimum 65 HP, nothing like that.  I doubt you could run much more than 5 gallons of gas a day through it so don't whine about it costing too much to run.
Here is the BIG ADVANTAGE of engine power -- constant speed!!  no baler bogging down while you are slowing down to turn a corner or cross a low spot.  
Put it behind your old tractor or a pickup -- what ever you have and go to work.  

14 x 18 bales, it will like 44-46 inch bales best, they will load right on a 1032 bale wagon, weigh 75-80 pounds and make a good stack.  

$5500, hear it run and watch it work the first week or two in July, I'm going to cut some hay and bale with this so it will be field ready.  

Has good radial transport tires, it will go down the road and not tear up a field. 

Check the photos and call me 406-949-3448 

This is a nice little baler!  We baled a couple hundred bales of Alfalfa with it, never missed a tie after the first couple bales, hydraulic tension works great, engine runs like new, etc.  I don't think this has ever had many bales through it.  

It also has a quarter turn chute that wasn't on it when we too the pictures.  Buy it this fall and be ready for 2020 summer haying instead of looking for one at the last minute next summer.  

IHC 440 Custom.  Total knotter rebuild last year, ready to go to the field.  About the same duty as the 277 above and will put up a lot of hay behind anything that will make 35 HP.  International made thousands and thousands of balers but most of them are pretty worn out by now.  This one isn't.  Buy it now and be ready for haying season next summer.  $3000 

Photos soon, call to see it working.  406-949-3448   
I Have plenty of photos but can't get them to load with all our current internet problems. Email me and I'll send them. 

More:  New Holland 1032 Bale wagon.  As nice as any I've seen for years.  Except!!  I ruined a wheel hub bringing it home. I have the hub. Easy fix, just haven't had time.  $4250.  You won't find a nicer one for this kind of money. I didn't have hay enough to need it this year so I haven't used it. Seems to work fine tho, we had it hooked up to a tractor and everything appeared to work.  



SOLD -- went all the way to Culbertson!! NEW HOLLAND 275 -- NICE LITTLE PTO BALER BUT NEEDS PAINT. 14 X 18 STANDARD TENSION $2250  


We worked on this a little last weekend, it turns over and wants to start, it will get a set of plugs and a little tuneup as soon as we can get to it. Also note that the description said it was in the field last year.  It was not.  It was a few years ago.  (The one that was sold last summer was bought out of the field.  This one has been in a shed for several years.)  Looks good but it was not in the field in 2017.

It started right up with a new set of plugs, ran smooth and found a new home with the first guy that came to look at it.  I'm pretty sure it is in the field baling now.  


SOLD! Went north of Livingston -- NEW HOLLAND 276
-- VERY, VERY NICE.  RIGHT OFF A LITTLE HOBBY FARM.  READY TO GO TO WORK. 14 X 18 STANDARD TENSION $4950 PHOTOS SOON -- Sold before I got the photos loaded.  

SOLD!!New Holland 310 twine tie baler.  Just put about $400 in the knotters, bill hooks, pressure plates, wiper rollers, etc.  Only had time to run a few bales through it, looks like it will tie consistently.  Everything else on it is very nice, quiet, all the pickup teeth look good, etc.  It  has that longer sweep than the standard pickup although it is not a super sweep.

This is a 14 x 18 size, will be real happy with bales 38-44 inches long although it will make bales down to about 18 inches in length or up to 48.  Whatever you want.  
This is the later baler in the same size and model line as the 275 series.  It is still a low stroke baler, 76 stroke.  (Some of the later ones were as much as 105 stroke and they tended to tear themselves apart.)  True they baled faster but this will bale a lot of hay in a day.  It will also run on less power than those faster ones.  You can bale all day with this behind something as small as an 8N Ford although it would be happier behind a Ford 600 or 800 series, an International 350, a John Deere 2010, etc. something in that 45 HP range. These were -- and are -- great little balers.  Most were bought by smaller farmers and ranchers and have not had a tremendous amount of hay forced through them.  A lot of the heavier ones just got worked to death because they were bought by big ranches and used and used and used and used.  Not this one.  Came off a little 200 acre place southeast of Whitehall up in the mountains.  They never had hay enough to wear it out. We will be baling with it some the week of July 16th, come take a look and take it home.  It has good tires and is good to go down the road.   $4950

There are more photos of this 310 if you scroll down.  

SOLD!!  NEW HOLLAND 315 -- This is so nice I'm keeping it myself - at least until I get done haying in a week or two.  --NICE MEDIUM DUTY baler, more capacity than the 310 and smaller series but still makes a 14 x 18 bale.  Needs a little more power, probably 50 HP to really get some work out of it.  Bale chute is 7 inches longer than the smaller ones for a better bale and has the super sweep which works better for bigger windrows -- especially for grass hay where you are cutting with a swather and not running the conditioner.  Pictures soon.  $4950  -- Field ready - we've been baling with it; NICE baler.  I wish I had a bigger tractor so I could really put it to work.  I'm baling behind a Ford 3000 diesel.  
JULY 12, 2017   SOLD, went south of Missoula  NEW HOLLAND 275 PTO -- If you are looking for a nice little baler to run on small horsepower and turn out great bales with virtually no problems, this should be it. 

New Holland 275, makes 14 x 18 bales, in Alfalfa it will make a nice 75 pound bale, lighter of course in grass but a good tight bale, easy for the wife and kids to handle. This one is as nice as any I have ever seen with the exception of a dent in one outer cover and the typical whack on the pickup outer edge. I have known this baler for at least ten years, it has never done more than about 20 acres of hay, no rental, no loaned to anybody, one owner, one operation and excellent maintenance. 

I am having the drive line rebuilt and it should be ready to go by the weekend. It's haying season. This will go to work. Just LOOK how nice those knotters are. It still has a bale in it from last season and was shedded over the winter. No rusty bale chamber to clean up here. 

Quarter turn chute so you can pick the bales up with a bale wagon. Manual tension adjustment. Every guard and shield is in place, the tongue has not been broken and welded like so many of these have. 

These balers are getting harder and harder to find that are not totally worn out. Nobody makes a small square baler anymore in this size in this country. 14 x 18 are getting impossible to find. New Holland has parts if you do need them, it has a copy of the owners manual with it, etc. 

I've bought and sold a lot of balers in the last 30 years and this is one of the nicest I have ever seen. If you notice, in the photos it has a radial tire on one side. I have the correct wheel and a new tire that will be one it. If you are close by you can pull it home on the implement tires, if you are further away, I would suggest either putting car radials on it or borrowing my transport tires to get it home. I pull them 55-60 all over the country, they are pretty light and if you watch what you are doing they pull just like a trailer. 




-- went to Bozeman -- these are hard to find and this was a nice one.  It will be restored with new paint but other than that it should be a great small acreage baler.  

We still have not had time to get this running and in the field but it should not take much to get it going and check it out.  

NICE LITTLE BALER and almost impossible to find with engine power. Constant power, no slow down when the forward speed slows down,
an engine baler will put up a lot of hay.  Most are worn out to nothing.  This one is nice,  been inside for years and years.  Field ready at $3500.

This will make 65 pound 14 x 18 bales in dry Alfalfa, a little lighter in grass, perfect for the horse people that are putting up their own hay.  
The larger engine powered balers are still fairly easy to find but to find one of these little ones in this prime condition is virtually impossible.  
This has the larger of the two engines that would have been available, the V4 Wisconsin, they were also available with the smaller two cylinder.  
This has its own battery and the accessory dust filter on the air cooling intake.  It should go to the field and put up hay for years and years to come.  
No PTO shaft to fool with, no worry about having enough tractor to pull the baler and run the baler, no worry about tight turns and you can pull it with anything.  I've seen them in years past being pulled with a little Jeep, old tractors with no PTO, pickups and the Amish pull them with a team of horses -- so could you.  

You will look long and hard to find another one like this.  It came out of northern Montana, was inside for years and years and
then was used for a couple years recently.  It has fresh gas in the tank and will be field ready, it will have radial tires on it and a new set of magnetic lights with it so you can just hook on it and pull it home.  The tin is nearly all straight and the paint is even good considering how old it is.  $3500 or some kind of a reasonable offer.  




RECENTLY IN THE FIELD, SHOULD BE GOOD TO GO WITH ONLY MINOR WORK.  We will check it out asap and it will be good to go. 

I want $3000 for it but show up with some green Ben Franklins or your checkbook and make me an offer.  

New Holland 310.  This is the same as the one above -- the above is an updated listing after we got the new bill hooks, etc. installed.  Nice 14 x 18, PTO, standard tension, small/medium capacity and will make a heavier bale than the smaller ones will, also takes more power to run it, probably wouldn't be real happy with anything less than 40 horses on the front of it.

$4950 -- With twine in the box and transport lights so you can haul it home.  

SOLD New Holland 276.  Looks like it should go right to the field and bale but we'll check it out to make sure it is OK before it goes up for sale.  
The last 276 I had sold for $3500 before I even got home with it, they are good balers and harder and harder to find that aren't all worn out. 
 This one is not quite as spiffy so it will be in that $2500-3000 range, I'll decide after I see it and find out if we have to put any work into it or not. 


Note that the ones below are from last year and before and are sold.  
The IHC is still for sale but the others in this list are sold.  Scroll down to see the IHC.  

JULY 8, 2016  -- that these are from last year and before.  The IHC is still for sale but the others in this list are sold.  

Coming in over the weekend of July 9/10.  Nice New Holland 276.  14 x 18, these are great little balers.  This one ties well, looks pretty good, has decent tires and some recent work on it.  I'll check it out as soon as I get some hay ready to bale or you can come look at it and take it home.  $3500 -- these are hard to find!  Sold -- before I got it home.  Went to a good home at Fort Shaw.  

7-8-2016 UPDATE -- SOLD -- This extremely nice John Deere 336 is DONE, TESTED, FIELD READY AND  GOOD TO GO.  I will be getting it back from the repair shop sometime after the 12th of June and it will be ready to go bale.  

I have over $4350 worth of receipts for work done to it.   It has both knotters rebuilt, the bale chamber rebuilt with new rails and rollers, lots of other small things to make sure it will go to work and the work is guaranteed by them - East Helena Farm Supply.  It was a very nice original when I got it but probably picked up a rock that somehow got in one knotter stroke and broke a wiper arm, which took out some of the rest of the knotter.  We replaced both knotters.  

Lots of other work done on it, too.  It is good to go now.  

Small balers this good are hard to find and this is one of those where you can buy a good one and pay what it is worth and go to work or you can buy a worn out one and put $5000 in to it to get the work done.  

This one is $5500.  Sold!  


8-1 2016 update ------

I have a very nice little New Holland 275 coming in the second or third week of June.  Lots of recent work, nice condition, paint is pretty faded but the mechanics are good.  Had a couple thousand bucks worth of work not that long ago according to the guy I bought it from.  He sold his place and I bought several pieces of his machinery.  No photos, sorry, but it is a PTO drive, makes 14 x 18 bales and likes a smaller bale maybe 34-38 inches -- just right for Horse hay.  $3500  This is the one on Craigslist, if it doesn't sell in just a day or two I will add the photos on here.  SOLD!

INTERNATIONAL T-30 -- The best small baler ever built by International (it's the earlier version of the 440 Custom) and one of the all time favorites for smaller operators. Typical of IH, the whole thing is gear drive, no chains or belts to wear out or get out of time, reliable tie mechanism and good capacity.  This one has virtually never seen a night in the field, one owner from an old guy up at Chester who kept it in his Quonset covered up with a tarp when it wasn't being used.  14 x 18 bales, this will outlast you even if you are young now.  

We just baled about 100 bales with this behind the Ford 3000,  Nice little baler!!  Tied the first bale and everyone after......doesn't show much wear anywhere, runs pretty quiet - no loud knocks or grinding noises, pickup teeth are good, etc.  Nice thing about these balers is they are "all twine."  Most of the other brands have to have a different set of bill hooks to use Sisal twine, not IHC.  They will tie both Sisal the Plastic with no adjustment.  

Even the tires on this look like new.  I'll get some pics of it in a day or two.   $3500  Hard to find!!!!  Most of these got run to death, this one should last virtually forever for a small operator.  SOLD TO THE FIRST GUY THAT CAME AND WATCHED IT BALE.  

John Deere 346 -- Just bought this from a dealer who didn't have time to work on it, sold it to me. It is a project for someone who has a little time and not too much money. $2750  This sold almost as soon as I put the ad on Craigslist!  

JULY 6, 2015 --Nice older International 440 Custom.   Just in, looks ready to go to work.  $3500.
Nice old International 440 Custom baler. Just out of many years of storage, should be ready to go to the field. These were very popular balers when they were new and this one should still have a lot of bales to go. It looks good, still has twine in the twine holders, everything seems tight and doesn't look like it has a lot of wear. They have a different tie mechanism than New Holland and John Deere, it's pretty simple to adjust and keep tying is what the guys who run them say.   I will have to get some hay cut and ready to bale and run some through this, adjust the timing, etc., to make sure it is ready to go.  

I have a complete set of operators/service/knotter manuals with it.  They are reprints that I purchased from an ag lit service.  

These were beyond a doubt the best balers International ever made; they were made for serious baling. You probably need 45 HP or more on the front to make it work right. Parts should be pretty readily available if you ever need any. The pictures show my transport tires on it, I have the correct implement tires for it. 

Nothing below here is for sale, all sold, just some pics so you can see what comes and goes.  
June 20, 2016....... The New Holland 320 is sold.  The John Deere 346 is sold....  The John Deere 336 is sold and gone to a new little ranch being built up near Great Falls.... There were a couple more that came and went in 2015.

I had to dump a bunch of stuff off my web site because I had so many photos and info on here that it wouldn't load and was kicking the new entries off so a lot of what was here from the last couple years is gone.  

JULY 7, 2013 -- The 277 is sold.  It went to Hamilton. 


JOHN DEERE 224T  $3650  Sold almost immediately after listing it on Craigslist.  Thanks for all the calls about this nice little John Deere, it is going to Absarokee.  
July 21, 2014



This was a little 275 that was all faded to death but a fine little baler.  It had just set out for years and the paint was terrible.  It went to a girl who had a little tractor and a mower and rake but needed a baler.  She's not had a minute's trouble with it.  =) 

This looks like it has had recent knotter parts and work and should go right to the field and go to making hay. I'll hook it up to a tractor and grease it up, it's been setting for quite a few years and I will make sure it's good to go. 

You can run this with as little as 22 horsepower which means a 9N Ford will bale with one of these 275's. A little more power is better and faster but your little Ford or Case or John Deere or Allis Chalmers or whatever you have - maybe a new Kubota in the smaller size - will bale all day long. In good hay with 32 HP (Ford Jubilee or 600) you can make 125 bales an hour and not be pushing it. Go bale for the neighbors and you can pay for this in a weekend. 

Now I know that when you look at the pictures you are going to think this is a ratty old worn out baler. It's old, probably late 70's, but it's not that ratty. It just needs a good paint job. So I'll tell you how to make $1000 in an afternoon if you need them red and pretty. Go buy two gallons of New Holland red paint. Buy a quart of New Holland yellow. Before you grease it up and get it dirty, paint it red. Takes three or four hours. Paint the wheels yellow. Now it will look like a $3500 baler. It won't work any better but it will look better in the field and you can tell everybody how you paid $3500 for it and they will think you got a heck of a deal on such a good looking baler. 

Buy a good one and go to work instead of one to go to work on. 

Thanks for looking. 

Email or phone calls only, I won't respond to texts.

NEW HOLLAND 276  Fresh out of the field, the nicest 276 I've ever had, paint is a little iffy on the top but other than that it is good to go.  Ties perfectly, shows very little wear, came off a little hobby place where the guy had 4 acres of hay to put up and it took him a week to do it.  Fooled around piddling with the equipment instead of getting something done.  He said he baled less than 100 bales a year with this for the last 15 years.  Looks like it.  Has both chutes, the quarter turn and standard chute, PTO is good and tight, everything looks pretty close to new, tires are excellent, I switched out the baler tires to highway radials to pull it home, I'll leave them on and throw in the baler tires if you want them. Has the usual hand adjust bale tension, does not have the super sweep pickup, just a great little 14 x 18 baler that will go to the field, pick up your windrow and tie the first bale and every one after.  The 275/276/277 series are the last good balers New Holland made for small farmers.  This will bale on 35 HP at 80 strokes a minute. It will put up 5-6 tons an hour behind a 45 HP tractor, make a nice tight bale and not work your tractor to death like a lot of the later ones or a 16 x 18 will.  A new baler today demands 75-100 HP to bale right.  You could put this baler behind any of the small tractors around and it will bale all day long without any problems.  35 HP is OK, 42 is better.  Located between Helena & Townsend.     $3750  Sold within a few hours of listing it on Craigslist, it is going to Sundance, Wyoming.   It is a nice baler.  Thanks for the calls and interest in this little New Holland.  

April 1, 2013  --  This is the 275 that is on Craigslist:  June 5th -- This is now the baler that WAS on Craigslist.  Sold to the first guy to come and looked.  A nice little baler that went to Livingston.  


This is a nice little New Holland 275 14 x 18 baler that came out of the Sheridan/Twin Bridges valley. It had been in a shed for the last 25 or 30 years according to the owner and it looks like it. There is some paint fading and it shows some signs of use--as anything would that is this old -- but over all it is in nice condition. I think with a good grease job and a little time checking it over and getting it ready to go to the field it will make someone a heck of a baler. This is the spring price, in June when everybody is scrambling to find a baler because they didn't buy one earlier and they are tired of working on junk, it will be a $3250 baler. Even the paint is pretty good on this. It probably doesn't look quite a good as it does in the pictures but it's pretty good. It will look OK in the field, if you're like I am you don't care a lot what it looks like when you have hay down and you're working on the baler instead of baling. I can settle for a little faded paint if it is tieing every bale. The wheels have some rust on them and you'll notice the small tire on the heavy side. I'll put a proper tire on it before it goes home with you or will give you a proper one and when you get it home you can switch them. I put this little radial on it to pull it home. This was the only close sized radial they had at the tire shop. Personally, I like to just put radials on a baler and leave it instead of using implement tires. You can pull this 50-60 on the road with radial tires and not worry about it. Implement tires are only rated for about 25 mph. 

The knotters look great, it has twine in the twine holders, the needles are very good, it looks like it tied the last bale and was put away for the winter, by spring they had decided to go to round bales and it sat in the shed for years. Even the knives look pretty sharp, tho they always bale a little better if you sharpen them. There must not have been many rocks where this came from because it doesn't look like it ever baled many. (Some balers I've seen have the knife edges all whacked from hitting rocks in the windrows.) 

This is a pretty small baler, they were designed and made for the smaller farmer and they are getting hard to find in decent condition. All the new balers are so big that you have to have at least a 100 HP tractor to run them. Not so with this. It will bale all day long on 35 HP although it probably likes 45 better. That means you can run it with something just a little bigger than an 8N Ford. A Ford 801 with the 52 HP engine would be a perfect companion to this or with the AC WD45 I also have for sale you could run this on very little fuel and no strain. You can adjust the bale length and weight on one of these to where you are making a 14 x 18 x 32 inch bale, perfect for your kids to handle for their 4H animals or for feeding cows and horses. It just takes a little more twine and it sure makes it easy to handle the bales. It will make a bale up to about 48 inches long but realistically, those are too long for good bales. I've had a half dozen of these over the years and I like to set them up to make a 36 to 38 inch bale, in Alfalfa that will be about 65-70 lbs, a little less in grass. It makes a good tight bale and still easy to handle. When we were doing some rodeo traveling years back we hauled those smaller bales--lots easier to handle than those big bales. 

This will bale 4 or 5 ton an hour with a 50 HP tractor in front of in with good windrows, it will put out a couple hundred bales an hour if you push it a little. That's plenty for most small places. You'll do a better job if you bale a little slower than max capacity and the machinery will hang together better. New Holland still supplies parts for these, the same knotter mech was used on every New Holland baler for over 40 years, they have the parts on the shelf and they have techs that know how to make these work if you do have a problem. Not so with a lot of older balers. John Deere is also pretty good about parts, most of the others you just haul it in for scrap and look for another one. 

 Give me a call at 406-949-3448. 


I've sold dozens of balers in recent years, no unhappy customers yet. Check out a couple tractors I have for sale, too. I also have a very nice New Holland 912 swather for sale. 

JULY 17, 2012New Holland 277  with the extra wide Super Sweep, 14 inch x 18 inch bale chamber, adjustable length, hydraulic tension, twine tie, knotters show little wear, some recent work, quarter turn chute, good tires, doesn't look like it has had a lot of use in recent years, guaranteed to go to the field and go to work with little if any adjustment or problems.  This came out of the Milk River valley where there is not a rock in a field to get picked up and go through the baler.  Knives are good, needles are good, these nice little ones are getting harder and harder to find.  Buy a good one and put up hay instead of a worn out one that you'll be working on when you should be baling.  We'll hook this up to a tractor and bale with it to make sure it is OK before it leaves here.  Should be ready to go by the middle of June.  

I'll post some better pictures in a day or two. These are all I have now.  $2750  I never did get any pictures of it posted, the ones below are of the second 277 that is for sale below.   

JULY 17, 2012

June 25, 2013 -- The 277 below is SOLD!  It went over south of Missoula.  

JUNE 21, 2013

THIS ONE IS FIXED AND READY TO GO.  I REPLACED THE BROKEN WIPER ARM AND TWINE KNIFE IN THE KNOTTER, HOOKED IT UP TO THE TRACTOR, GREASED EVERYTHING AND SET THE KNOTTERS, IT TIED THE FIRST BALE AND EVERY ONE AFTER.  The knots look good, tied tight, cut at the right place and with tag kicked out of the twine disk the right length and not ragged.  It should be a good one.  It also has the quarter turn chute that turns the bales so the twine is not laying on the ground.  They have to be turned that way for a bale wagon to pick up the bales.  That was a $250 option when this baler was new.  The hydraulic tension was a several hundred dollar option, too.  

The 277 was a newer and larger baler than the 273 & 275 that it was based on.  This is the fourth baler in the 270 series and this and the 276 were the best.  The 277 has the extra set of tines above the pickup that move the hay into the back of the pickup so the stuffer bars will pick it up.  The 273 & 275 do not have those.  This thing will bale a lot of hay in a day with 50+ HP on the front of it.  It's an 80 stroke baler as opposed to the earlier 65 stroke balers and will outlast the newer ones that run 93 or 110 strokes.  You can figure 200+ bales an hour with this in good hay.  These were the best and most expensive balers on the market in their day and it is hard to find one that is not all worn down to nothing.  

SMOKIN' DEAL TODAY!!!  $2950 Price will go up when we get into haying season a little further!!!


I HAVE A TONGUE FOR IT IF YOU WANT TO TAKE IT OUT OF THE OLD PARTS BALER I BOUGHT.  I pulled the knotter stack and some other parts off the parts baler but couldn't get the tongue out without some help.  

If you want it I'll throw it in on this deal but you have to take it out.  

**Super Sweep pickups are a foot wider than the standard pickup.  They came along when swathers started getting popular in the 70's.  They are just about necessary if you are picking up swathed hay as opposed to hay that has been raked with a side delivery.  Picking up the wide swath left by a swather instead of raking it makes a much nicer bale and lets the hay cure in the windrow instead of curing it on the ground and then raking it to make a windrow narrow enough for a baler to pick up.  Just about every 16 x 18 New Holland has them, not so many of the 14 x 18, which is what this is.  

 This is the old description.  
I DO HAVE ANOTHER 277, NOT AS NICE as the above one that sold and is getting a little work before it is ready to go to the field.  The hitch is a little rough on this one, it's twisted like a lot of these are - and has been welded on a few times over the years.  These long hitches were a weak spot on this era of New Holland balers, it is hard to find one that hasn't been worked on.  A lot of them that were used in irrigated country dropped a wheel in a ditch and somebody bent the tongue or broke it trying to pull it out. You could probably use it like it is forever and not have a problem with it or it wouldn't take a lot to straighten it up.  A lot of them also were parked with the tongue on the ground instead of on a stand and the tongue is rusty.  That's mostly what is wrong with this one.  

These are good little balers, will run with just about any tractor over 30-35 HP and do a good job.  These smaller balers are hard to find anymore, at one time they were setting all over the country but the supply of them that will go to the field and go to work is smaller all the time.  

This is getting some work done on the knotters, it broke a twine knife.  It worked fine until the twine knife broke, quiet--no big knocks or rattles, baled a few bales and it was tieing on the outside fine, inside was missing ties, then the twine knife broke.  This is going to the New Holland hospital to get the knotters fixed, check back and see what is happening with it and what the time frame is.   UPDATE:  I picked up a parts baler for this, knotters look excellent, also came with a like new set of needles and a good tongue.  Later this spring I will do some work on this and have it ready for haying season or I'll sell it with the parts and you can do the work.  Give me a call -- Stan Howe -- 406-949-3448  cell.   


NEW HOLLAND 276  Fresh out of the field, the nicest 276 I've ever had, paint is a little iffy on the top but other than that it is good to go.  Ties perfectly, shows very little wear, came off a little hobby place where the guy had 4 acres of hay to put up and it took him a week to do it.  Fooled around piddling with the equipment instead of getting something done.  He said he baled less than 100 bales a year with this for the last 15 years.  Looks like it.  Has both chutes, the quarter turn and standard chute, PTO is good and tight, everything looks pretty close to new, tires are excellent, I switched out the baler tires to highway radials to pull it home, I'll leave them on and throw in the baler tires if you want them. Has the usual hand adjust bale tension, does not have the super sweep pickup, just a great little 14 x 18 baler that will go to the field, pick up your windrow and tie the first bale and every one after.  The 275/276/277 series are the last good balers New Holland made for small farmers.  This will bale on 35 HP at 80 strokes a minute. It will put up 5-6 tons an hour behind a 45 HP tractor, make a nice tight bale and not work your tractor to death like a lot of the later ones or a 16 x 18 will.  A new baler today demands 75-100 HP to bale right.  You could put this baler behind any of the small tractors around and it will bale all day long without any problems.  35 HP is OK, 42 is better.     $3750  Sold

$3750 and worth every DIME!!  
Why go buy something that is going to have to have $1000 worth of work on it and still be half worn out when you can buy one like this that will bale thousands of bales a year for as long as you want???  Buy a good one and keep it.   

I hooked this up behind the AC WD45 that is for sale on the tractor page and baled all the hay I had down today with that combination.  What a nice little baler this is!!!  Runs quiet, pickup isn't banging and clattering from being bent and dragged through every irrigation ditch in the county.  Plunger is tight, stuffer rack is tight, this is a NICE baler.  It tied the first bale and tied every one after.  You can see the knots in the picture, tight and clean, no straggler strands sticking out.  The bales are tight and square so the knotters are tieing at the right time and with the same tension on both strands.

You will wear out a pickup trying to find another on this nice.  Shedded most of its life, very well maintained, ready to go to the field.  Buy this and one of the tractors I have for sale and you could have you hay baled by the end of the week!!  Go bale some for the neighbors and make some money.  Give me a call at 406-949-3448 and be first in line --------- Don't wait until you have hay down and then go looking for a baler.  It even has two new balls of twine in it, the original book is with it and it has a wagon hitch built on behind it.  If you have a couple teenagers, hook a farm wagon behind this, put the kids back there and let them stack as it come off the baler.  It will be the best hay you've ever had. 

NEW HOLLAND 283    $3500           

I've sold 6 balers this past year, this and a New Holland 275 are the nicest of all the ones I sold. This is just about the nicest baler I've ever had to sell. Don't miss it if you want a good one. 


New Holland 275.  Baler is sold!  It went to a small farm in Bozeman. 



NEW HOLLAND 276.  The baler is sold, it found a new home in Gold Creek. 

Stan Howe 406-949-3448  cell.  

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