After 45 years in the string instrument repair and sales business I have a lot of things left to get rid of now that I have retired from that business.  Rather than starting another web page, I'll just add it here.  

First is a Hofner Cello outfit.  These were made for the millennium in 2000 as a special outfit.  I bought 8 of them in 2001, 6 were made by Paesold and two by Hofner.  They came with a fine 3 star Horst Schicker bow with an engraved silver slide.  That bow is no longer with this outfit.  It has a bow that would retail for 5-600 instead of the $2000 the Schicker bow did.  

I sold the other 7 within the first two years but never sold this one.  

It is German made by Hofner.  It was loaned out a time or two for a week or two to a young man that played in the Helena Symphony to use for their Christmas concert but never sold.  I got so busy with other business demands that I pretty much quit doing my instrument shows and doing repair work about that time.  I have since sold off nearly all of my violin inventory, cases, bows, etc.  I have this cello, another lesser priced cello -- also new, and a small amount of inventory.  

List price when new in 2000 with the Wittner hard case and the bow was over $7000.  I sold the others in the $6000 range.  

This is just setting in my shop and I would rather have the money and the space than have a cello setting there.  

I will take $2000 for it with the case and the bow.  Price is firm.  Cash.  

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